Class Schedules 2013-2014

Grid of Ballet Schedule


Mommy & MeFri10:45-11:30Studio ATBA
Tiny DancerFri10:30-11:15Studio ATBA
PreBallet 1Tues12:30-1:15Studio CGaby
Wed1:15-2:00Studio CMaryLynn
Thurs11:15-12:00Studio CGaby
Fri1:15-2:00Studio CMaryLynn
PreBallet 2Mon1:00-1:45Studio CGaby
Tues1:15-2:00Studio C
Wed2:00-2:45Studio CMaryLynn
Fri2:00-2:45Studio CMaryLynn
KinderBalletMon4:00-4:45Studio AMaryLynn
Tues4:45-5:30Studio CMaryLynn
Wed4:45-5:30Studio CMary Lynn
Fri4:00-4:45Studio CTBA
Ballet 1Tues5:30-6:15Studio CMaryLynn
Wed4:45-5:30Studio ATBA
Thurs4:30-5:15Studio CMaryLynn
Fri4:45-5:30Studio CTBA
Ballet 2Mon4:45-5:45Studio AMaryLynn
Wed5:30-6:30Studio CMaryLynn
Thurs5:15-6:15Studio CMaryLynn
Fri5:30-6:30Studio CTBA
Ballet 3Mon5:45-6:45Studio AMaryLynn
Wed5:30-6:30Studio AGinna
Thurs6:15-7:15Studio CMaryLynn
Sat9:00-10:00 Studio AGaby
Ballet 3 students are required to attend 2 classes per week, either Mon/Wed or Thurs/Sat.
Ballet 4AMon3:45-5:00Studio CFrances
Thurs5:15-6:30Studio AFrances
Fri5:15-6:30Studio AFrances
Sat10:00-11:15Studio AGaby
Ballet 4A students are required to attend 2 classes per week, either Mon/Fri or Thur/Sat.
Ballet 4BWed3:30-4:45Studio CGinna
Thurs3:15-4:30Studio CGinna
Thurs6:30-7:45Studio A Ginna
Sat11:15-12:30Studio AGaby
Pre Pointe 1Thurs4:45-5:30Studio BGinna
Pre Pointe 2Thurs5:30-6:15Studio BGinna
Ballet 4B students may select either Thurs class plus the Sat class and a prepointe class.
Ballet 5ATues4:45-6:15Studio AFrances
Thurs7:15-8:30Studio CFrances
Fri3:30-5:00Studio AFrances
Ballet 5A PointeTues4:00-4:45Studio BLaura
Tues6:30-7:15Studio BK. Prescott
Thurs6:30-7:15Studio BFrances
Ballet 5A students are required to attend 3 technique classes per week, plus an assigned pointe class.
Ballet 5BMon5:00-6:30Studio CJustin
Tues3:15-4:45Studio CFrances
Fri6:15-7:30Studio AFrances
Sat12:30-2:00Studio AGinna
Ballet 5B PointeMon4:15-5:00Studio BLaura
Mon6:30-7:15Studio BLaura
Tues4:45-5:30Studio B Laura
Tues5:30-6:15Studio BK. Prescott
Fri4:30-5:15Studio BLaura
Fri5:15-6:00Studio BLaura
Ballet 5B students are required to take 3 technique classes per week (4 are offered), plus an assigned pointe class.
6A w/ PointeMon6:30-8:30Studio CJustin
6A Technique OnlyTues3:15-4:45Studio AK. Prescott
6A w/ PointeWed6:30-8:30Studio ATed
6A w/ PointeFri6:30-8:30Studio ATBA
Ballet 6A students must take all classes listed above.
Mon6:45-8:00Studio ATed
Int/Adv w/ PointeTues6:15-8:15Studio AGinna
Wed6:30-8:30Studio CGinna
Thurs3:15-5:15Studio ATed
Int/Adv Students must take all classes listed above.
Partnering (by invitation)Sat2:00-3:00Studio CTed
Company Class (by invitation)Sat12:30-2:00Studio CTed
EnrichmentSat11:00-12:30Studio CTed


Tap / Jazz / Hip Hop

Int/Adv ModernMon6:45-8:15Studio ATed
4B/5A LyricalMon5:15-6:15Halo Studio CTed
5B/6A LyricalWed3:30-4:30Studio ATed



Adult BalletMon10:30-11:30Studio ATed
Thurs9:15-10:15Studio CGinna
ZumbaMon9:15-10:15Studio CTed
Tues9:15-10:15Studio CMaryLynn
Fri9:15-10:15Studio CMaryLynn
Zumba ToningTues10:15-10:45Studio CMaryLynn
Zumba ToningThurs9:15-10:15Studio CMaryLynn


Private Lessons

Offered by appointment. Please contact the office.